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Our goal is to help you to acquire knowledge about the power of performance feedback tools so that you can appreciate their many benefits.


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Since 1978, we have continually strived to to apply the basic concept behind our survey measurement tools. Simply put, this means gathering feedback from our colleagues and customers and applying it to improve our own performance. Continuous improvement in this sense is truly a shared responsibility. We believe that it is the only way to succeed in a fast changing world.

We can help you with survey design, information gathering, report production, and action planning models that include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Training and Development

We are partners in service with our customers in pursuit of the goal of helping people to succeed. To this end we apply leading edge technology to help improve performance through the use of standard and custom performance feedback tools.

Corporate clients often require a full range of services that can add burden to existing workloads. We are able to offer solutions that are frequently lower in cost than in-house services.

We use proprietary software including our web survey publishing system, Surveys 1-2-3 that allows clients to draw from a library of standard surveys or develop custom ones quickly and easily. Using measurement criteria chosen by the organization, the resulting information is scored and summarized into crystal clear action planning matrices.

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