Standard Surveys


We provide both standard and custom designed instruments.  Below is a partial list of what we offer.

Interpersonal Style Profile - 360 Feedback 

This is a multi-rater behavior oriented 360 tool that defines a person's style based on two dimensions of behavior, dominance and sociability.  The profile provides a graphic and narrative report  based on a consensus of five people plus a self. 

Interpersonal Style Profile - Self Score
The "self score profile" is often called a "behavioral snapshot" of a person's interpersonal style.  This 20 item test can be completed and scored in just a few minutes.

Adaptive Leadership Profile - 360 Feedback

Developed in 1990 in partnership with two Fortune 500 Companies, this 49 item 360 Feedback tool is normed for several industries.  Managers at all levels can benefit from this  tool that focuses on self management skills.

Management Practices Survey - Employee Survey

This instrument measures employee satisfaction.  The basic survey consists of 50 items, although it can be customized based on the availability of a normed database.  The survey is divided into two parts; the first measures managerial effectiveness and the second deals with organizational issues.

Employee Retention System Survey - Employee Survey
This 28 item survey instrument is used to validate the effectiveness of management practices and company benefits.  One of it strongest application is connected with the on-going employee exit interview system at which time the employee enters the survey via TeleSurv 800 number service or the internet.  Based on the input from exit surveys, we provide a monthly trend analysis report.