Surveys 1-2-3

Build a Survey Conveniently and Easily

Our web survey technology makes survey design simple and easy.  Surveys 1-2-3 uses MS Active Server Pages (ASP) architecture, which means, no downloading of software, and no need for IT support.  The software is hosted on a remote server and can be used from any computer in any location.

Flexible software allows you to choose your formats in a variety of ways.  You can choose from a variety of question and answer types.

You have control of your survey from start to finish, including matching your company's look and logo into the survey form design.  The survey database is instantly updated as surveys are received.  Updates can be accessed from any computer, and results are downloaded at the close of the survey schedule.

The system also allows for dual media information gathering.  Participants can enter response via the TeleSurv 800 number service when web access is unavailable.  This option is particularly useful when some respondents are in a factory location.   

Once your data is in the results are downloaded directly to your computer.  The software is exportable to Excel or other database applications.  The formats are customizable and flexible with graphics and charts as well as organization of narrative responses.